I could say a lot about myself at this point, but to be honest, you wouldn’t be that interested.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. lizzie said

    you are fab.xx

  2. William said

    Hi there, I just found your diary through a link at fathers direct. Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading it and empathise with your description of change.

    My name is William I am 27, I work for the government in Portsmouth as a fatherhood worker with the teenage pregnancy unit.

    I am currently writing a book myself, based on my experience of life. The book centres on human needs and how we fill them, myself coming from a background of abuse and struggles to fit in life wise. For years I filled my needs in a way that wasn’t healthy, to others or myself. Over time with help and allot of personal development I have made a shift to a fuller life where I try my best to help others find themselves. Not sure why I am telling you all this, I think it was when I read your part on the realization that your needs are not just yours now, everything you look at now is tinted with an element of your unborn Childs needs. I think you initially began by relating it in a financial sense.

    I am not sure what field you work in or what your life beliefs are, but I sense a good feeling when I read your words and look forward to more.

    Take care and good luck


  3. Craig said


    I stumbled upon this blog by accident and want to thank you for helping allay my fears… I got married last Saturday without a care in the world, and by Tuesday morning had found out there was an extra guest at our wedding that we knew nothing about.

    Talk about mixed feelings! Initally I was elated. Who wouldn’t be, to discover that not only is the woman you love carrying your child, but as the only son you would continue your family line? But then the fears and anxiety took over, and four days on I’m still feeling a little shell-shocked. It kind of happens when you wake up one morning and the whole world has changed…

    There appears to be very little out there that helps a man deal with pregnancy and face his concerns, to the extent that we almost become alienated from the whole process (selfish of me, I know, but it’s a bit of a shock to suddenly become second best within days of your wedding, especially when it’s your own kid that you’re envious of). That’s not a feeling I’m especially proud of, but then at least I’m being honest to myself and I’m sure time is all I need to achieve a greater level of understanding.

    You don’t know how reassuring it is to learn that there are other people who understand your concerns, worries about the future, finances, health etc, and indeed the awareness of your own mortality. Speaking of which, I stopped smoking as soon as I knew I was going to be a Dad, and so far I haven’t had a single craving…

    Do please keep up the good work on this site, and the very best of luck over the next few months – you may not know it, but your words are an inspiration to me, and I suspect many others.

    And, dare I add, you have exceptional tatse in music.



  4. Kristeen said

    Hi, I am a sophomore college student, and would like to interview you for a school project on expectant fathers. If you are interested, please use the address provided to email me. Thank you.

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