time travel

March 15, 2007

Well, not quite. But these last few days feel like they’re going incredibly slowly. The doctor said yesterday that it seems our little girl is in no immediate rush to escape the womb, and she’ll probably go past her specific ‘date’.

On a side note, I wish you could all see this video we recorded the other day of A’s stomach. When our daughter decides she fancies a bit of a stretch, A’s belly ends up looking like something out of Aliens. I know, I’m probably not meant to think like that. But I can’t help it, as A’s skin rises and falls, and limb shapes can be seen almost, so it seems, ready to burst out. Incredible.


2 Responses to “time travel”

  1. tracie said

    It is so wild, I agree. This was mine six months ago…

  2. Rebecca (friend from Derby) said


    Just wanted to say that I’ve spent my lunch hour reading your journal and I’ve come over all emotional! It’s such and amazing exciting thing. I’m so happy for you. All the best for the birth and I look forward to speaking to you after.


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