February 16, 2007

As the date of the birth approaches, people ask me if I’m feeling scared.

And to be truthful, I’m not afraid about things such as the baby’s physical health, will everything be perfect…

The thing that gives me pangs is for my daughter to know she is safe

and loved


This I want more than anything else.


One Response to “unconditional”

  1. Ian said

    Hey, I’m going through the same as you at the moment (but a few months behind) and I’ve started to have similar feelings.

    Since the 20 week scan, we’re fairly certain everything is going to be ‘OK’ with the baby but when I think about my relationship with my own father I worry how my son will pick up on my feelings and actions and whether he will know that all I really want is for him to be safe, well and loved.
    Keep up the great blog and good luck with the impending birth.
    Cheers, Ian.

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