January 19, 2007

Today we went shopping for baby stuff with A’s mum and aunt. We drove to this area of Sao Paulo that seems to only sell cheap clothes, bedding and towels, but somehow manages to spread those categories over about 200 identical stores.

It was pretty fun, at least at the beginning. Though oddly, it was also exciting paying for everything, an emotion I didn’t think I would ever experience at the same time as spending a lot of money on someone else.

This is a bit off the topic – though since we’re expecting a girl, it has some future significance I fear – but the female capacity for infinite shopping is incredible. Here I must make a confession. By the end of  our shopping trip (of several hours, none of which included eating or sitting down), I was feeling far more exhausted than A (who, just to remind you, is a heavily pregnant woman). Am I just incredibly feeble? (Don’t abuse the comment facility). Perhaps. But I also think women have some kind of extra reserve that kicks in when shopping, permitting browsing that could extend into days.

Anyway. I digress. We do at least now own admittedly very cute cot bedding. But the most curious (and for me, hilarious) item of all was what can only be described as a corset, purchased for A post-birth. This torture reminiscent device is apparently meant to help the woman regain her figure, but presumably only at the cost of agonising pain and breathing to half one’s capacity for a few weeks.


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