What’s in a name

January 17, 2007

So with the birth fast approaching, myself and A need to decide on a name. Perhaps it’s not surprising that it’s quite tricky to settle on a name that your offspring will be lumbered with for life. I’ve been tempted to suggest writing a few favourites on bits of paper and picking one at random from a hat. I mean, we’ll get used to it whichever particular one is chosen eventually.

I’ve also been tempted to get frustrated with everyone asking about the name (though I would do the same), or more specifically, recommending/demanding their own favourite name. I’m not sure why exactly, but I’ve felt it better to spring the Name on an unsuspecting world at the moment of birth (well, after everyone’s been cleaned up, and I get to my email).

There’s also this sense that the meaning of the name will act as some kind of portent for the child’s life, for good or ill, though I think I could just be conflating film scenes of the boy Arthur and Merlin, The Omen, or even the Anunciation.

Well. All shall be revealed in good time, and the girl will probably care less about her name than the fact that her father felt compelled to share the decision-making process on an obscure blog.


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