January 13, 2007

A has been planning the ‘baby shower’ recently, an event in early February where all her girlfriends will gather to bring presents for the baby, have some fun, and I guess chat about whatever it is a large group of girls like to chat about.

A stage in the preliminary planning was to work out exactly what we want to request gift-wise, and thus, what the baby’s arrival means we need. It quickly became apparent that not only did various books recommend enough stuff to fill a house all by itself, but that some of these ‘must-haves’  did not even have a readily-identifiable purpose.

So, in a spirit of solidarity with parents present and future who feel overwhelmed financially and mentally with all the stuff we are apparently meant to buy…

It’s really all about love. I can’t imagine my daughter, in twenty years time, meeting up with a shrink on account of her not having, at age 1 week, one more semi-educational piece of tat, sorry, toy. But you love that child…and you’re on the right track (and baby business profits can look after themselves).


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