January 8, 2007

This morning we went to the obsterician and listened to the baby’s heart beating. On the screen, meanwhile, the head was wonderfully distinctive. I must confess – in the spirit of slightly humiliating honesty – that I have some pretty odd thoughts in these situations, such as, ‘Wouldn’t it be a freak if it looked like that in real life, not just on the screen?’

I’m sure that last sentence is one to keep in my head and not on a blog. But there we go.

In all seriousness though…how flipping amazing 🙂


One Response to “heartbeats”

  1. tracie said

    It’s almost like a vague image that you have seen a thousand times except this is YOUR image, this one belongs to you two. You wait nine months to finally see what this child will look like. You see the ultrasound shadow but there is still this sense that you don’t really know what he looks like. Then the big day comes and you are finally able to say, “so that’s what you look like!”. Eyebrows, fingernails, nostrils, hair, ear holes….right now you see in part, but one day you will see in full.
    Congratulations! Children are a heap of fun. Our boy is two now and tonight he stepped in play dough after he tried to eat it. Our little girl is three months and has discovered she has feet. Ah the wonder!

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