baby clothes

January 3, 2007

Realised today that what with the generosity of friends, family, and our own impulses, our little girl is going to be pretty well dressed. In fact, I’m thinking this could backfire. She’ll be so used to wearing delicate, exquisitely-made clothes, new each day, that she might well expect the same thing as she gets older…Daddy’s going to need to get a real job 😉


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  1. Auntytobe said

    Try not to worry as I am sure if your family (especially your sister, if you have one) is like me she will carry on being brought clothes- through out her life! Carry on the journal, it is great reading the thoughts of a man on pregnancy instead of a woman. It helps me understand how my brother is coping during his wife’s pregnancy.

  2. Samantha said

    I’m sure she will adjust to her sense of style. My daughter is a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, even though grandparents went wild on baby clothes when she was younger! This is a great boutique for some really cute clothes, my favorite online store: 🙂

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