expectant at christmas pt.2

December 27, 2006

On the birth of a child.

Peel back the tinsel and the glitter, the TV specials and the incessant sales, and you’ll find that the real message of Christmas is profoundly counter-cultural. Advent celebrates patience and waiting, in a society that values instant satisfaction and convenience. Christmas speaks peace in a world of war. Jesus was born in filth, anonymity and poverty, in a world where wealth and celebrity give us meaning.

I think that real parenthood is also counter-cultural.

It puts Another before Self, and priorities patience over frustration.

Unconditional love, in a world whose currency is performance and achievement.

Into the household comes dependency, simplicity, joy, and delighted discovery.

We all miss that. We all want it back.


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  1. tracie said

    even the “fun” of christmas is shifted with the onset of children. it is far more enjoyable to watch your children enjoy the gifts and festivities rather than to receive them as a couple. sacrifice becomes a joy once these precious ones enter the blessed journey.
    but i will say that the sacrifices you and your wife will endure as you watch your free time become a vague memory that you once enjoyed as a reality will not be quite as joyful as christmas time. we’ll all laugh about it someday but until then, nap times will be the greatest gift of all.

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