no longer the next generation

December 6, 2006

It was some time ago that I commented on an increased sense of my own mortality, as a result of being an expectant father. Then it was in relation to being less prone to taking risks with one’s own safety, since I am now living for a child.

But there’s another way in which being expectant has made death something to think about. Permit me to quote one of my favourite contemporary lyricists, John Mayer, in his song, ‘Stop this train’ on his new album I got recently:

“Don’t know how else to say it
I don’t want to see my parents go
One generation’s length away
From fighting life out on my own”

And another way of saying the same thing is that, now, I am no longer the next generation. My baby is. I am no longer separated from death (albeit ultimately delusionally) by being the youngest member of the child-parent-grandparent chain.

On a lighter note, readers noting my aforementioned CD purchase might also observe that my previous adversion to spending a single penny on unncessary luxuries has obviously slightly waned…ahem.


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