November 6, 2006

While on my travels, I logged in and discovered that one expectant doesn’t seem so impressed with my “waffle” or “rhetoric” (see Comments on previous post). Since you’re expecting in January, I understand why you might be more preoccupied with practical issues, but there’s probably a bit more going on there. Maybe it’s personality – maybe it’s because of personal circumstances – but I began this blog in the first place because I felt like there was a lot of “waffle” related to being expectant that I wanted to share, and hoped would be appreciated by others in the same position. I’m sure that as time passes, I too will start musing on more hands-on matters. This, ironically, is turning out to be a rather waffley defense of my waffle, and ultimately, all I can do is be real in what I think and feel.

On a more amusing note, today I purchased a book on being an expectant father which had for a front cover a picture of a sports car for sale. I wish I had such a car to sell. Anyone else been forced to sacrifice a treasured possession in preparation for fatherhood and arrival of a newborn?


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