in the deep (we’re not as alone as we imagine)

October 25, 2006

Today I wanted to write something by way of encouragement for those fathers, expectant or otherwise – and realistically, for me too. I was unsure what to say, since there is the ever present risk of descending into schmaltz or cliché. So in what may seem like a bit of an easy way out, I am going to copy out the words to a song by Bird York, called ‘In the Deep’.


Thought you had all the answers

to rest your heart upon

but something happens

don’t see it coming, now

you can’t stop yourself

now you’re out there swimming

in the deep


Life keeps tumbling you heart in circles

till you let go

till you shed your pride and you climb to heaven

and you throw yourself off

now you’re out there spinning in the deep


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  1. […] So God is my peace, and the ultimate answer to when, as I wrote previously, I am feeling “in the deep”. […]

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